Never have I ever

Never have I ever

1. Gone to the fridge to find out the date ….. or a plumbers number ….. or the name of my local MP yet I put all this information on there in case I need it

2. Bought anything from a hotel mini bar (but I do spend a disproportionate amount of time studying the contents and squealing with delight over mini things)

3. Eaten a mint slice and said “yes, one is enough”

4. Drunk good champagne on my own

5. Been to IKEA and remembered to bring one of the 10 IKEA bags I have stuffed in the laundry cupboard

6. Remembered to use a bay leaf in my cooking yet I always have them on hand

7. Been brave enough to try the new trend of conditioning BEFORE you shampoo. (They are having a lend of us right?)

8. Driven a manual car. Don’t understand the choke thing

9. Understood artichokes

10. Ordered a margarita that wasn’t lemon. You can’t improve on perfection

Please can someone clarify #7 (and also maybe #9)