There is no doubt that 2020 will be a year for the history books and not only for its apocalyptic vibe.

This is not the worst pandemic ever but never before has a single virus had such a profound effect on so many lives. It is everywhere and almost every society on this planet has felt it’s effect, a fact that should be credited to social media and 24 hour news broadcasters rather than the virus itself.

So why NOW are we seeing such a mass global movement against racism?

The timing is extraordinary. June 2020 is microscopic pin prick point on the timeline of history. A time when the world already felt more united than ever. A time where many people were coming out of a period of unprecedented reflection. A time when we are so socially conscious of what is right and what is wrong that we started to change the habits of a lifetime. Also, if we are to be completely honest, a time when many people are out of work, afraid and requiring a distraction from a pandemic which has just gone on too long.

A perfect storm. And thank God we didn’t let the moment pass or fade without taking a significant stand.

Whether you agree with the global mass gatherings during a pandemic or condemn the recklessness in risking the undoing of the lockdowns, there is no doubt that these protests are an almighty “fuck you” to the establishment that tried to save us from a virus and has always failed to save us from each other.

Systemic inequality is the real enemy here. And has been for hundreds of years. Children aren’t born racist rather we allow society to make them that way and for hundreds of years we have struggled to break the cycle.

Bigotry is responsible for more deaths and suffering than any virus. Read that sentence again.

But, unlike a deadly virus, it can be prevented and cured.

History will, and should, credit the death of George Floyd to the success of the positive changes that are about to come. He is our Rosa Parks. I am sorry George that you had to die. I’m sorry you suffered and I am so SO sorry that you mama wasn’t there to comfort you.


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