The Summer People

It wouldn’t be summer if I didn’t come up with a poem. No camping this year – and I don’t miss it – but this place comes with its own challenges.


Sorrento is a lovely place

There are people everywhere

But lots of them are up themselves

And it makes me stop and stare

Beautiful bodies everywhere

One girl was dumb but flirty

I shit you not she asked her friend

What’s fifty minus thirty

To the beach, there’s crowds galore

And the laughs are heaven sent

One group of five took half an hour

To fold their new beach tent

When walking home we saw more people

With a very peculiar habit

Amongst their towels and folding chairs

They had also brought their rabbit

Parking is a nightmare

The cafes are all full

And still more people come each day

To pretend they are super cool

Summer is a busy time

There are queues for one and all

So I’ve written this acrostic poem

To explain it to you all:

I Am Sorrento

I am ….


Objecting to




Nobs (the k is silent ok?!)



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