The next big thing ….

Free to a good home: This genius idea.

A couple of month ago I spent 53 minutes on hold with a power company trying to arrange a disconnection for work.

It was excruciating – hands down THE worst hold music ever. A short and repetitive instrumental piano piece. By the end of it, if I’d had a touch tone phone, I reckon I could’ve played along.

I was calling from a landline in an open plan office so putting the call on speaker phone was not an option. Therefore I couldn’t get on with much work as I had to hold the phone. Also, it was lunchtime. I was hungry. And the bottom drawer of my desk only had disappointing Saladas on offer

To pass the time, I invented an on hold system for large corporations to better enhance their customer experience.

This is how it goes.

“Hello. Your call is important to us so while we keep you on hold please enjoy our interactive experience”

Press 1 to play multiple choice Trivia

Press 2 to access our daily Spotify playlist

Press 3 for the seven day weather forecast for your postcode

Press 4 for your daily horoscope

Press 5 for world news

If you are calling to break up with us, you are low on our priority list therefore you may also like these options

Press 6 to order something from Uber Eats

Press 7 to listen to a variety of Ted Talks

To hear these options again, please press 8

Can somebody PLEASE take this idea and run with it?

It may involve a few phone calls and some time required on hold.

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