A little giggle

Every now and again something happens and it makes me giggle

Ok – that’s not true. I laugh at everything always but this week, this happened:

A few days ago I had cause to go to the supermarket at work to buy some …. err, em …. sanitary pads . Of course I didn’t bring my recycle bag because I am not yet that person, so I bought ANOTHER 15c Woolworths bag to add to the colony in my boot. The alternative was to waltz through the centre and the offices proudly owning my purchase, but again, I am not yet that person.

When I was leaving work I thankfully remembered to lift the bag and take them home. As is my way, my oversized handbag was overflowing so I chucked my water bottle and a (yawn) letter from my Superannuation company into the Woolies bag as well. I’ve been carrying this letter around for over week now and one day hope to be mature enough to read it. Maybe when I’m retired and have time.

On the way home I got a bit thirsty and reached for my water bottle only to find it almost empty. I looked in the Woolies bag and to my surprise my recent purchase and my beloved Superannuation letter were floating in a litre of water.

Did ANYONE else know that these bags are water tight? I mean conceivably I could fill one with wine if I wanted to.

I gently lifted it to a more secure position on the floor against the middle console. It wobbled a bit (I love the word “wobbled” – you just said it in your head didn’t you?!) and carefully drove home, going easy on the corners so that it didn’t tip over.

When I finally got home, i carefully lifted he bag but to my surprise, it was nearly empty!! So strange I thought, as there was no water on the floor of the car.

In other news U Ultrathins Super Pads with Wings are SUPER absorbent and just the thing to get you out of a tricky situation.

RIP Superannuation letter.

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