Back in my day ….


Is it just me or is language changing at a rapid rate? I don’t think our parents struggled to understand us as much as we smile, nod and pretend to know what’s going on with our kids. Here are a few words that have changed from back in our day. Some you will know for sure but some I learnt only recently. Hope you have a Gucci time reading them.

Back in my day “lol” was “lots of love” now it’s used to indicate that something is funny – although not necessarily so funny that you actually laugh OUT LOUD

An ATM was where you withdrew money. These days atm is “at the moment” so you could conceivably be at an ATM atm.

XXX was three kisses at the end of a hand written letter. Now, it’s a particular point on a spectrum of hair removal

ROFLMAO was a bad draw in a game of scrabble. These days it’s funnier that LOL-ing

Salty was when you over did it on your chips. Apparently now it means sassy, but you probably shouldn’t ask for extra sass on your chips

DOH was only ever the Department of Housing. But apparently it’s also what you say when someone does something stupid (thanks to Homer I think)

Gucci – it’s a top brand name with awesome handbags right? Wrong – it also means good or cool or awesome (or something …) For example. When my daughter found out we were having Bbq lamb and Greek Salad for dinner. She said “Gucci”. Made no sense at the time but I googled and it’s all good now

Back in the day a Cloud was a fluffy ball of cotton wool in the sky. But at some point in recent history it also became an invisible force that stores and controls all the information in all the world and none of us understand where or how – and that’s okay.

Shade – was were pasty Irish people sat so they didn’t bbq in the hot sun. Now it means “doubt”.

E – the mostly commonly used letter in the alphabet. Now it’s a commonly used recreational drug with a long list of ingredients that nobody knows. Most of which ironically can’t be pronounced because of a lack of vowels

Ice was a handy accompaniment to a drink on a hot day. Now it also belongs to the illegal drug family but what it is, what it looks like or where you stick it, I have no idea

And lastly, Sup. Our grandparents used to sup on sandwiches and tea for their evening meal. Nowadays we walk into a room nod our heads backward (yes you read that right) and say “Sup”

Go forth and be young

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