Things I’d Like To Ask God

Is there a chance that you could be a woman? Makes sense that we refer to you as being male because that’s how history has been slanted but …….???

Are you frustrated at people’s literal interpretation of the bible?

Does it disappoint you that we eat meat? Or that we walk around like the animal world belongs to us?

Refute this: “Men gave themselves the illusion of power because it’s the only way they can cope with not being able to do what women can do, which is give birth”

Any chance you could bring back unicorns?

Are all religions valid?

What is the worst thing we have done – what event made you shake your head and look away

Does my cat understand what I’m saying? I feel like he does

I believe in reincarnation – I think we need a couple of goes to get close to getting this right. But – if I’m right – are those lives linked? Or am I just adding some poetic mayo to my illusion?

Any regrets?

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