Human in train(ing)

I’m on a train. I’ve counted 58 people in my immediate vision and 56 of us are on a device. One is reading a book. (I like this retro human) and one is staring into space (which is a little unnerving)

Half of the people on devices have headphones on or earbuds in.

The sky is blue. The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful Spring day, one of the best we’ve had. Maybe someone will look up and notice it. Maybe they’ll capture it through a Snapchat filter. Then they can post it and their friends can all wonder if it’s real.

Here’s something new. Two people just got on and they know each other. They are talking, actually having a conversation and the 27 people with headphones or ear buds in can’t hear them. They are all busy having conversations on line – or in their head

Interestingly I forgot to have a conversation with my family this morning about the fact that I am getting the train to work. They will be confused when they see my car still parked on the street. It’s a little strange that those three beautiful souls don’t know where I am, yet the good people at Metro Trains, Apple, FB, Instagram and Snapchat know exactly where to find me.

If this is the moment – if the aliens are watching us now, they will believe us all to be robots, except the two noisy ones, they will require closer scrutiny.

Crazy crazy world.

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