Just say the word

Words I hate ……


The KING of awkward words. Rated the world’s number one most hated word in the English language (read this somewhere – source unknown) it can conjure up all sorts of images. I can’t tell you why but for me they are all sexual! THIS is the elephant in the room. This is why we all find it uncomfortable.

It is absolutely necessary when it comes to describing cake but should never ever be used otherwise. Ewwwww!!!


I don’t know why but it just sounds naughty.

Panties ✖️

Undies ✔️


Always makes me think of breasts. I have never used it and can imagine no context in which I would.


vb. To outrank or defeat.

Even before that turkey Donald had the world stage, it was stupid word. Stupid word. Stupid man. Can’t stand the sound of either of them.


This is one of those two syllable words where I HAVE to pronounce each syllable precisely.

It’s oint ment. Emphasis on both “t”s. OinT menT.

Silly word


Now that I’ve typed this word I’ve probably triggered some internet algorithm and will start to see those disgusting medical popping procedure videos on my fb feed.

You will notice that I’ve listed the word but I can’t even bring myself to use it in a sentence.


Dear God, please help me to stay focussed long enough to get through the whole word without having to shorten – People



Look, it’s not that I don’t like these words as such. It’s just that any time I need to use them I get distracted. At work I do need to use the word erection when speaking about walls, signs etc, and often the word penetration comes up when dealing with building leaks and unsealed holes in the roof.

I am simply NOT mature enough to be allowed to use these words.

And I can’t even go near masticate. It’s chewing okay?

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