Driving to work … a Cautionary Tale

I’m cruising in the traffic

Belting out a song

When suddenly I realise

That something is quite wrong

The speed limit is sixty

And that is what I’m doing

But the car that is behind me

Is frustrated with the queuing

The car’s so close, it appears to me

That it seems to have no bonnet

I mean, I can’t actually see one

Just a face with a frown upon it

Maybe she thinks she knows me

I can see right up her nose

My goodness I can even see

The labels on her clothes

I slow down and then I think

“This girl just needs a cuddle”

I slow some more and contemplate

Her world is in a muddle

Suddenly she overtakes

Doing a very dangerous speed

She’s really in a hurry

Of course I let her take the lead

So I just wave and give a smile

I mean, what else can I to do?

She waves back with her middle finger

And yells out “oh fuck you”

Friends, the moral of the story is:

If you are wanting me to speed,

Don’t drive up my arse or else

I’ll go very slow indeed

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