Facebook and other myths

I once said to a group of friends that one of the best things about our generation is that we can enjoy the benefits of social media without being persecuted by it.  This pearl of wisdom was followed by a long silence, a big gulp of our respective margaritas and much laugher that we had reached that profound part of the night.

The young ‘uns of today have no fear of repercussions but we do. We are often timid in our approach to new technology and social media forums and through our fear we are also respectful AND we care about what people think of us. This is of course a massive generalisation but I think its mostly true.

However we do still fall victim to believing what we read:

– The sick kid who needs a 1000 likes to get donations for their treatment (who would wait for FB likes to cure a dying child?)

– The posts that tell us we must fix our settings or we won’t see our friends’ posts

– The free giveaways that will only eventuate if we share … but strangely never do

– The perfect family holiday (that had whinging kids and tense parents 80% of the time)

– The perfect family shot (that was one of 27 otherwise bad ones)

– The world’s cutest puppy (that cried all night and just shat on the floor)

– The date night (that was actually more necessary that anyone could’ve imagine)

– The “natural” selfie (that has the pretty Snapchat filter)

The biggest issue we face today is not knowing what to believe. How do we know if what we are seeing is real? Well, for the most part we don’t. All we need to know is that what we are seeing is not the FULL picture; it’s the bits that people want us to know and that’s okay too. So love the pretty pics, like the perfect holiday posts and LOL at the (pooping) pooches, just don’t measure your life against them.




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