Almond latteBeing 43, I have drunk a lot of coffee in my time. But it occurred to me recently that when I order my almond latte every morning, I sound like a wanker. I mean, a year ago you couldn’t get even almond milk in most cafes . Who even knew you could milk an almond?!

Then I realised that, like my life, my coffee habits have evolved (and arguably improved) over the years. I am a long way from the weak skinny cappacino with 2 sugars of my 20s. I have moved on from the latte with 1 sugar of my 30s.

In my 40s I have matured just enough to finally admit that lactose and I will never be friends and I am overjoyed that soy milk is not my only option.

Almond Latte is my blog about life’s journey. I am who I am because of my 43 years. I am proud to say that I am currently the best version of myself, but that’s not to say that I am not still evolving. I am no longer skinny and weak. I am strong and slightly nutty. Some people like me and some don’t.

Welcome, pop your feet up and enjoy. Can I get you a coffee?